It’s Tru — Dessert Decorating Really Can Be Fun, Easy and All-Natural

The latest addition to frozen whipped topping may be the best dessert decorating hack yet — and it comes in a bag (not a can). truwhirl, from the makers of truwhip, delivers truwhip’s signature all-natural whipped topping in a squeezable, ready-to-use bag, with a built-in decorating tip.

The launch is part of truwhirl’s effort to “Save Dessert.” The campaign aims to breathe new life into desserts of all kinds and turn ordinary into extraordinary — one simple squeeze at a time — encouraging people to stop deserting dessert.

TruWhip and TruWhirl

It’s a fun and more eco-friendly replacement for the old-fashioned aerosol can. Using it is easy, too. Just tear off the end of the decorator bag, push the tip to the corner, and you’re ready to decorate pies, cakes, sundaes and more.

“Our goal is to deliver the great taste and clean ingredients of truwhip in a fun and innovative way,” according to Doug Sumpter with truwhip.  “Plus our packaging is more environmentally friendly. No nitrous oxide gas or cans. truwhirl is easy to squeeze on desserts or even bunny ears.”

truwhirl and truwhip stand out in a whipped topping category that’s often short on all-natural choices. truwhirl contains no high fructose corn syrup, no GMOs, no hydrogenated oils and zero grams of trans fats per serving. And unlike toppings from aerosol cans, it won’t slip or slide off your dessert.

truwhirl is available in the freezer aisle at Whole Foods stores nationwide. For a complete list of retail locations, recipes and more information about truwhirl and truwhip, visit or join the conversation at